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Welcome to the Classic Hymers Group

Hi there, I’m Jon Avery and Classic Hymers is the Facebook group I founded dedicated to owners who share my passion for these lovely older-style Hymer motorhomes.

Since the group was started, a community has been built with thousands of members sharing advice on parts and repairs, discussing upgrades and sharing their photos of inspiring Hymer adventures across the world, it’s a must for any Classic Hymer enthusiast!

Come and join us today, it’s FREE!

Classic Vans

Our Aims

The Classic Hymers group is run by enthusiastic volunteers as a not for profit enterprise to benefit our members. All proceeds from the group are re-invested into the group. Our aim is to build something more than a website or a club, we want to inspire our Members to cherish and use these classic vans, to continue sharing knowledge, attending our amazing meetings and building our great community vibe.

Joining is easy

All you need is the internet.

Classic Hymers is completely Free to join and can be accessed from your computer, your tablet or your phone at home and on the road.


Go to Facebook

Many of our members have joined Facebook just to join us. We only ask that you use your real name and have a profile picture because we all like to know who we’re dealing with.


Join the Group

Once you’re a Facebook user joining is simple. Click the button below to get to our page, then click the join group option on our Facebook header. It’s completely FREE and very easy!


Make it amazing

Our group is amazing because our members are amazing. Be part of our fantastic community sharing their travels and their knowledge and help us to make Classic Hymers even better.


The Hymerfest

The Hymerfest is our annual summer gathering with a fantastic festival vibe. Located at the Monmouth Show Ground in Monmouthshire.

Everyone is welcome at Hymerfest. You don’t even need to own a Hymer, just to share our interest in these amazing vans. If traditional rallies aren’t your thing but you love your motorhome and want to have an amazing weekend – come and join us!

Buying & Selling

The Hymermarket

Our sister site The Hymermarket was created to host Hymer related private sales. All advertisers are non-commercial and it’s the perfect place to find that elusive part or even your dream van.

  • Buying

    We are the largest Hymer related sales page.

  • Used Vans

    Looking for your dream van? We see many vans first!

  • Accessories

    Cycle racks, awnings, you name it our members are selling it.

  • Selling

    Anything Hymer related you are welcome to sell.

  • Parts

    Lots of enthusiasts makes for lots of parts for sale!

  • Bespoke Products

    Our talented members are making unique products.


What do our members say?

I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing knowledgeable family. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much. Classic Hymers is a dream community!

Victoria G.

As a solo Hymer owner I can’t begin to count the times I’ve been supported by this fab Classic Hymer owners community.

Anne N.

From Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada to the edge of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala; without the incredible, friendly and technically in depth help we have received from Classic Hymers I cannot imagine how we would have made it this far.

Mark W.

Absolutely indispensable!

Paul G.

I do not know where I would be without all your help.

Paula S.

I love the activity, kindness and technical support very much!

Nonny V.

Own a Classic Hymer? This site is a must!

David H.

One day there was a note on my windscreen and to my delight I found I wasn’t the only one!

Felicity H.

The best spot for collecting and sharing the information to keep rolling. Amazing replies minutes after posting.

Peter O.

The wealth of knowledge and help from people has been truly humbling.

Lois O-C.

Sat in France with liquid coming into the cabin – within half an hour I was on my way again – THE place for advice and all things Classic Hymer!

Pete D.

Fantastic source of help and advice!

Christopher F.

One of the most informative friendliest pages.

P. Lloyd

A must for anyone with a Classic Hymer even if you don’t like Facebook as i don’t, it was well worth joining.

S. James

Love being a member reading about others travels.

Jean B.

We love it. Great people.

Anna P.


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